Mexican Mania

Our inaugural dinner party was hosted by “the Reverend” Jay, who belonged to a veggie cooking club in GR.

Jay’s menu:

Salad with fresh lime dressing
Baked potatoes with corn and cilantro
Enchilada pie
Raspberry strudel

In our haste to eat, we forgot to take pictures of Jay’s food, so instead here’s Jay in his element.

Jay’s Enchiladas


2 pkgs burrito size tortillas

1 box Zatarains black beans and rice mix

2 cans refried beans

1 large onion

1 pkg queso cheese (a white Mexican cheese)

1 pkg Mexican blend style cheese

2 jars Pace enchilada sauce

3 to 4 tomatoes, diced

Olive oil for sauteing

Olive oil spray for your pans

1 tsp of chili powder


Preheat the oven to 350.

Start the black beans and rice mix using the cup less water for a less saucy mix as suggested at the end of the recipe on the box.

In a separate pan saute the onion in a little olive oil with the chili powder until the onion begins to get soft. Then add the refried beans and cook both over a low heat, stirring often.

Now is a good time to chop the tomatoes.

When the black beans and rice are done, so are the refried beans and onions. Lightly spray your pans.

Place a small handful of the queso cheese in the center of a tortilla. Then, add two small spoonfuls of both the black beans and rice and the refried beans. Top that with a spoonful of enchilada sauce and some diced tomatoes. Roll it up and put five to a pan.

When this is complete, use as much of the remaining enchilada sauce as you prefer to cover the enchiladas. Then use the rest of the cheese to do the same.

Place in the oven uncovered until the sauce is bubbling around the outside and the cheese begins to brown. This could be anywhere from 45 minutes to one hour. Enjoy.


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